1) Wood is used in making furniture. Furniture are movable objects intended to support activities such as: seating and sleeping. Examples of furniture include: tables, beds, chairs e.t.c
2) Wood is used in Building Construction. Wood is a major component in building , used in roofing, flooring, doors, windows, window frame.
3) Wood is used in making the handle of implement like plough, sickle, cutlass, e.t.c
4) Wood is used in making pulp and paper.
5) Lorry bodies are made of Wood.

1) Ceramics are used in making bricks. Bricks are used for building purposes because they are cheap and durable.
2) Porcelain made from ceramics are used to store chemicals; because they are resistant to attack of chemicals
3) Ceramics are used in making electrical insulators; because of their high electrical resistance and a good insulating property.
4) Ceramics are used in making tiles.
5) Ceramics are used in the construction of furnaces and oven.


1) Metals are used in making household utensils.
2) Metals are used in making vehicle and ship parts.
3) Lead is used in making Batteries of vehicles.
4) High Carbon steel are used in making cutting tools , for example files, knives , drills e.t.c
5) Crankshaft, connecting rods are made of medium carbon steel.
6) Gears , screws are made of low carbon steel.


1) Glass are used in making eye glasses , mug, and flower vases.
2) They are used in making doors, windows and mirror.
3) Television and Computer screen are made of glass.

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