You can improve your health by doing the following three things:

1. Improve your diet.

2. Increase your physical activity.

3. Stress Management.

We could split each category down into three things if we had to.

To improve your health by changing your diet:

1. Consume more veggies, particularly those with low carbohydrate content.

2. Consume fewer packaged foods that have been excessively processed.

3. Limit the amount of sugar you consume.

To increase your physical activity:

1. Take a walk every day.

2. Engaging in stretching exercises.

3. Make your muscles stronger.

In order to effectively manage stress:

1. Make every effort to get a decent night’s sleep.

2. Practice mindfulness or meditation

3. Do more of the activities that make you happy and calm you.

What’s important to know, if all of the above is too overwhelming, is that one activity can drive another, therefore when the overall objective is to get healthier, if you start with one thing, the chances are it will lead to another and another.

I was to advise you on what thing to start, it would be to EAT MORE VEGETABLES!

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