There are thousands of comedians who perform in various settings across the country. However, only a few are able to stand out from the pack and become household names. I have selected my top five. Watch till the end to know who is my Greatest of all Time in the Nigeria Comedy Industry. In manyContinue reading “GOAT OF NIGERIA COMEDY”

Factors of a Number

What is a factor of a number? In this video, we explain the concept of factors of a number

How to Overcome Anxiety Before Exam

Many students experience anxiety before an exam or test. It’s common for people to feel worried about how well they will do and what might happen if they don’t do well.

How to Convert PDF to Word Online for Free

This video will guide you to convert your pdf file to editable word document.

Introduction to Fractions #1.1

An overview of fractions, parts of a fractions, types of fractions: Proper fractions, Improper fractions, Unit fractions, Mixed fractions …

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