There are thousands of comedians who perform in various settings across the country. However, only a few are able to stand out from the pack and become household names. I have selected my top five. Watch till the end to know who is my Greatest of all Time in the Nigeria Comedy Industry. In manyContinue reading “GOAT OF NIGERIA COMEDY”

Hurray!: Good News For Math Teachers.

As a Math teacher, I know that students need to be taught math differently than everything else…

A Lifetime of Learning Starts in Kindergarten

A lifetime of learning starts in Kindergarten. What does that mean? How can you truly understand this statement? A lifetime of learning starts in kindergarten as simple as it sounds because a childhood, whether it be a good one or a bad one, many times is determined by the teacher.

Understanding the importance of a good Kindergarten teacher for your child’s future #bloganuary

Kindergarten teachers have a huge influence on your child’s future learning, academic performance, and social skills.

A good kindergarten teacher is the foundation of your child’s education. #bloganuary

A good kindergarten teacher should be patient and kind towards all students in the class regardless of their behavior.

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