Why Makeup is a Mask

Makeup is a mask. it’s a cover up for flaws, for skin that doesn’t look its best and for the face we want to hide.

We wear cosmetics to cover blemishes, dark circles under our eyes and other imperfections that make us look unattractive in public.

Make Education a Priority – Reigniting a Nation for Greatness

Education is the foundation stone of a nation’s greatness. It is from education that great statesmen, scientists and artists spring.

Reigniting a Nation For Greatness – Invest in Young People.

To reignite a Nation For Greatness, the government has to invest in young people.

Reigniting a Nation For Greatness – The Government’s Role

Reigniting a Nation For Greatness is the national goal of Jamaica as she celebrates her 60 years of Independence.

KDP Interiors for Low Content Book

Here is a low content book for your KDP business. Each interior is designed for you hence it is first come basis to avoid duplication. More will be uploaded in the coming days. If you need a cover please email info@basic2tech.com

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