Good Teachers Take Personal Responsibility For Every Student Who Passes Through Their Door #bloganuary

Teachers should take personal responsibility for the students who pass through their doors and show that they care.

Good teaching comes from those willing to go above and beyond for their students …Anonymous

It’s not easy to be a good teacher. Good teachers take personal responsibility for every student who passes through their door. They are devoted to their teaching and will do everything possible to ensure that a child has the best chance of succeeding.

Whether it’s working hard to adjust their teaching methodology or giving students lots of attention, answering questions, these teachers do whatever they can to bring out the best of every student.

Teachers are the root and foundation of our society, molding our youth into responsible citizens.

A good teacher never gives up on students and is always going above and beyond the call of duty. To all the teachers out there, thank you! I salute you. This category of my blog is designed to celebrate all that you do.

A teacher can be responsible for 20 students and 150 more outside of class, but it’s rare to hear them take personal responsibility for every student who passes through their door. This isn’t as common a problem as you’d think because few teachers actually have that many students. But even in high school settings where teachers see hundreds of students each year, there are those who don’t take personal responsibility for every student who passes through their door.

However, the reality is that great teachers do care about every single student they teach. They care about them enough to make sure they get the education that they need and deserve. It’s not easy teaching, for example; English or math to students who aren’t interested in learning, but if you really care about your students and want to help them succeed, then you won’t give up on them just because they’re failing to learn from you.

Truly great teachers are more than passionate about educating children — they feel a sense of ownership over each child they teach. They know that the decisions they make will impact their students’ overall success in life.

They go beyond the “minimum” requirements expected of them, teaching every single student in their charge. They put in extra time and effort to ensure that each child has an opportunity to succeed, no matter what circumstances he or she may be facing outside of the classroom.

Teachers with this kind of passion for every one of their students can truly change lives

In conclusion, the education of our students including some of our most defenseless and vulnerable, should never be left in the hands of those who do not exhibit the commitment to help all students succeed.

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