Humidity Control (1)

Humidity is concerned with the physical properties of mixtures of air and water vapor. humidity, which is the amount of water vapor in the air, can make hot temperatures even more unbearable than they already are.

Humidity is an important factor to understand because it affects both weather and climate as well as global climate change. Humidity also affects indoor environments, so understanding it can help you determine the best place to store your books, clothing and other important items in your house.


  • Comfort: This is why air conditioners were introduced in the first place.
  • Storage and Preservation.
  • To prevent corrosion.
  • Mildew and Mould prevention.
  • To prevent condensation


A humidistat is a control device that responds to changes in humidity and activates and deactivates parts of the humidity control systems.

These humidity control systems include:



3.Air mixers

NOTE: Humidistats are available with analog dial adjustments or incremental digital adjustments for controlling relative humidity

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