Humidity Control(2)


A humidifier is a device that increases humidity (moisture) in a single room or an entire building.  A humidifier works by adding water vapor to the indoor air. Humidifiers accomplish this by one of the following four methods or variations/combinations of producing vapor from the water.

NOTE: Humidifiers can also be attached to the ductwork.


Some types of humidifiers are:

1.Central Humidifiers;

2.Portable Humidifiers.


These types o humidifiers are attached to the ductwork and add moisture to the airspace before it leaves the supply grill to the space to be conditioned.

They can be installed ;

1.Via bypass ductwork

2.Directly into the return or supply ductwork

Some types of central humidifiers are;

BYPASS HUMIDIFIER: Just as the name suggests, it is used to bypass air flowing from the supply air plenum. Not all the conditioned air follows this bypass route. The air that is bypass is humidified.


EVAPORATIVE HUMIDIFIERS: This type of humidifier add moisture to the air through evaporation. It contains an element that is kept damp.

Some of the moisture in the element  evaporates as air is forced through the humidifiers thereby increasing the humidity of the air.

The types of evaporative humidifiers are;

Plate humidifiers

Fixed filter humidifiers

Rotating drum humidifiers(Used for restricted spaces)

Rotating disk humidifiers


Portable humidifiers are standalone units that are placed in the spaces where the humidity level is to be maintained. They are used for room control humidity and not building humidity control.

Many portable humidifiers add moisture by circulating air across a wet filter, though some units ultrasonic humidification.

Portable Humidifiers

Portable humidifiers are easy to maintain. The water tank and the wet filter can be removed and cleaning or replaced depending on the conditioned.

It uses a float-operated switch that turns on an indicator light when the water level in the water pan gets too low. Most of the units must be refilled manually.

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