Jamaica Logistic Hub

To position Jamaica as the fourth global logistics connecting point, comparable to Singapore, Dubai and Rotterdam, and to create a logistics-based economy that will propel economic growth and jobs, Jamaica is moving forward with the Global Logistics Hub Initiative (GLHI).

The Logistics Hub will be perfectly positioned to receive Post-Panamax ships travelling from the Asia-Paci­c region, as these vessels will now have a direct shipping lane from the Paci­c Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean (Eastern Seaboard and South Atlantic).

Jamaica will have greater opportunity to handle increased volumes of transhipped cargo and the proposed development of an economic zone will facilitate the expansion of the country’s manufacturing sector. Companies will be more inclined to locate their operations in Jamaica to take advantage of the more efficient shipping route to the Americas, which will be created by the expansion of the Canal.

The development of Jamaica’s transportation, maritime, aviation, road and rail and logistics infrastructure will position the country as a leading logistics destination.

All components for the Hub will be synergized to present seamless logistics services to the international trading community. A critical component of the global logistics hub initiative is the broadening of bilateral collaborations with Jamaica’s global partners, and encouraging private sector investment and ­nancing through private-public partnerships (PPPs).


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