My Teacher, My Coach

A good teacher is like a good Coach. Do you know that students prefer to spend all day playing a team sport but eagerly wait for the final bell to ring while at school?

Students in extracurricular activities often have coaches, yet it is students in classrooms who are most in need of the motivation and support that coaches can provide.

A coach has to train their players, but they also need to be a source of motivation and inspiration. In this way, a good teacher is like a good coach. A good teacher goes above and beyond simply instructing students, they ensure the students are able to effectively apply the instructions given.

A coach and a teacher have this in common: Their aim is to win. While coaches lead their team to win games, a good teacher leads their students to win at life. 

A good coach re-watches lost games to analyze failures in order to help players fix their mistakes, in the same way, a good teacher works with the students to make sure they learn from it and get it right next time. A good teacher encourages students to try daring new things and rethink how failures can turn into even greater, meaningful success.

Coaching is a skill developed by good and effective teachers. Coaching creates a relationship in which the students feel cared for and is, therefore, able to access and implement new knowledge. A good teacher can foster conditions in which deep reflection and learning can take place, they take risks to change the norms and are never afraid to admit mistakes.

A good teacher creates an atmosphere where powerful conversations and where growth is recognized and celebrated. Besides, a teacher holds a SPACE where healing can take place and where resilient, joyful communities can be built.

A good teacher affirms the power of hard work. Good coaches help players see real improvement. In the classroom, a good teacher provides students with analogous goals and measurements for progress in order to encourage continued growth.

Just like a coach, good teachers ensure harmonious group work. On the playing field, victory is impossible without teamwork, so the best coaches cultivate productive relationships among members of the team. The entire team is as strong as its weakest player, and it is the job of that team to help that individual improve. A good teacher, as well as pursuing individual academic competence, encourages students to support each other, rather than compete for high grades.

My teacher was my coach. He did not just strive to cover his curriculum, rather he taught me to win at life. Every day he enters the classroom, he instills hope in us. My teacher motivated me and gave me the belief that I can do and become whatever I can imagine. My teacher was indeed my coach.

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