My Teacher, My Role Model (2)

To teach is to touch eternity. Students unknowingly demand that their teachers impact them far beyond the amount of time they spend with their teachers in the classroom. this might seem impossible given that most teachers only have a year or a term or semester to influence their student’s future.

Students’ success is so much than academic performance, rather academic performance hinges on how well the teachers make the students feel welcome and safe.

The ‘role model teachers’ are sincere about their profession. they genuinely carry about the student’s learning and intellectual progression. Going out of the way to make sure students are learning and absorbing the materials. Such qualities keep the students engaged and eager to learn.

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Great teachers have a positive attitude. Knowing fully well that negative energy sucks creativity, they encourage the students to always believe in their abilities. They encourage them to learn from every failure and move on.  In this way, they instill courage and a ‘never give up’ mindset in the students. Besides, positivity breeds Creativity.

The great teachers, whom I refer to as role models, will never, never criticize and gossip the ‘not too good or intelligent’ students, rather they continue to encourage and remember them in their prayers. These are some qualities a great teacher possesses.

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