Understanding the importance of a good Kindergarten teacher for your child’s future #bloganuary

Kindergarten teachers have a huge influence on your child’s future learning, academic performance, and social skills.

A good kindergarten teacher is the foundation of your child’s education. #bloganuary

A good kindergarten teacher should be patient and kind towards all students in the class regardless of their behavior.

Kindergarten and the foundations of learning #bloganuary

The role of kindergarten teachers is to prepare students to engage in more advanced learning.

What I remember most about a good Teacher [Part 2] #bloganuary

Passion for your subject is contagious; if it’s apparent in you, it will be apparent in your students. Passion is the key to lasting enthusiasm and effectiveness in teaching.

What I remember most about a good Teacher [Part 1] #bloganuary

My good teacher taught me not only the fundamental skills of reading and writing but more importantly the art of thinking critically about the world around me.

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