Why Academic Performance Should not Be Solely on Grading

In today’s blog, we are jumping into a subject that challenges the conventional standards of assessment in our education systems. I believe it’s vital to investigate the impediments of exclusively depending on academic performance as the essential parameter for assessment. We shall look at five reasons why grading should not simply be based on academic performance. Diverse skillsets: Academic achievement mainly emphasizes mental faculties and subject-specific knowledge. But people also have a wide range of skills that go beyond theContinue reading “Why Academic Performance Should not Be Solely on Grading”

Why Problem-Based Learning is the Way to Go

Problem-based learning is a teaching approach that focuses on presenting students with real-world problems to solve. The aim is to encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and communication skills, which are essential for success in the modern workforce. One of the key benefits of Problem-based learning is that it promotes active learning, which means students areContinue reading “Why Problem-Based Learning is the Way to Go”

Different Approaches to Student-Centered Learning

Are you tired of the traditional lecture-style classroom where the teacher does all the talking and you’re expected to simply absorb the information? Well, you’re not alone. In recent years, there has been a shift towards student-centered learning, where the focus is on the needs and interests of the students rather than the teacher’s agenda.Continue reading “Different Approaches to Student-Centered Learning”

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