Thermal Comfort(2)

Comfort is the absence of discomfort. People usually feel discomfort when they are too cold or too hot or when the air is odorous or stale

Thermal Comfort varies with;

i. Activities engaged in,
ii. The body’s ability to adjust to range of ambient and iii.Individual metabolism,

Thermal condition in an enclosed space are usually controlled to ensure;

Health and comfort of occupants (comfort conditioning)

The proper functioning of sensitive electronic equipment(Process Conditioning)

The conditions required for human comfort and the machineries varies that is why you may feel discomfort in a computer lab.
The specifications are available from the manufacturers and in ASHRAE Handbook.

After setting the conditions for the machineries, acceptable comfort should be provided for the occupants
Humans have the capacity to adapt but our productivity does vary.

Benefits of thermal Comfort in a Thermal Environment

i. Fewer Accidents Lower rates of absenteeism and employee turnover ii.Reduced health hazards such as respiratory illness
iii. attentiveness and fewer errors
iv. Increased productivity and improved quality of Products and Services

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