What Students Remember About a Great Teacher

A great teacher always leaves a track on the path of every student they encounter. A student might forget what you taught but will never forget how you made them feel.

The following are some of the qualities a student will always remember about a teacher:

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  1. Being Patient. A teacher must never give up on a student. They continuously try new strategies, understanding that eventually, something will work. A good teacher is quite patient even with the slowest ‘learners’. 
  2. Being Kind. Kindness should be innate for all teachers. A mean spirit will turn students off, but a kind spirit is invaluable. A good teacher says and does things that uplifts, motivates, and inspires the students.
  3. Being Inspirational. A teacher should make a lasting inspirational impact that follows a student throughout their life. A good teacher gets their students to buy into, believe in, and to be motivated to become lifelong learners.
  4. Being Interesting. A good Teacher has the ability to grab the attention of a classroom full of students and to maintain their attention throughout the entirety of the class. A teacher must create lessons that are fun, fresh, and energetic. You want your student to walk out of your class each day looking forward to the next.
  5. Being Compassionate. A teacher, a good teacher Recognises that students have problems outside of school, and makes the necessary adjustment to help them through those issues. A teacher must take outside factors into consideration. For example, if a student has just lost a loved one, the teacher should be sensitive to that and adjust accordingly.
  6. Being Vulnerable. A good teacher is vulnerable but firm. They Allow students to gain insight into their life without revealing a lot. This allows students to relate to their teachers as they share common interests such as sports, television, games, etc.
  7. Being Passionate. A passionate teacher connects with their curriculum and their students which maximizes learning. Teaching with enthusiasm and exuberance on a daily basis because you love the content and your students. Students know if the teacher loves his job. The attitude of the teacher in carrying out the day to day tasks has a long way in inspiring the students.

What do you remember about your teacher, share in the comment box below. Let’s celebrate our teachers.

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