Why Makeup is a Mask

Makeup is a mask. it’s a cover up for flaws, for skin that doesn’t look its best and for the face we want to hide.

We wear cosmetics to cover blemishes, dark circles under our eyes and other imperfections that make us look unattractive in public.

We also use cosmetics to accentuate certain features such as cheekbones or lips so they become more prominent or even change their color entirely with blush or eye shadow.

For some people, makeup is also about control. They might want control over their appearance or over what other people think of them or both things at once!

What we don’t realize is that underneath the makeup, we’re still the same person. We still carry our scars and blemishes, our acne and wrinkles. The only difference is that we’ve covered up our imperfections with paint and powder.

We get so caught up in our daily routines: waking up, going to work, coming home, eating dinner, and then starting all over again the next day. But when we wear makeup, it’s as if we become someone else for a few hours. At least for a little while, we can forget about our problems and let ourselves be free. That’s why some people like to wear makeup every day; ┬áit helps them escape from reality for awhile, so they don’t have to deal with their problems head-on anymore.

But sometimes it becomes too much of an escape, especially when we start using it to cover up our inner feelings instead of just applying it because we want to look good on the outside only.”

However, one of the most important uses of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty. When you wear it well, it makes you look younger and more vibrant without making you look like a clown or a doll; more confident without being over-the-top; more polished without being overdone.

At its best, makeup should make us feel beautiful without looking like we’re wearing any at all.

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